About Our Organic Macadamia Farm

Island Harvest was originally founded in 1991 to help manage Kohala’s agricultural lands in the post-sugar era. Island Harvest took over the macadamia orchards that were planted back in the 1970’s and 80’s when sugarcane production became less feasible and plantations shut down throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

With that in mind, Island Harvest was an early adopter of sustainable farming methods and in 2015 began transitioning all the macadamia orchards to be eligible for full organic certification. With sustainable methods and inputs, Island Harvest seeks to always increase soil life, reduce erosion, and grow healthy trees to produce a healthy crop for its community.

Our Mission

To steward Kohala’s agricultural lands, promote the well-being of the community, and provide quality food through organic and natural farming of macadamia nuts.

Our Vision

We aim to promote the well-being of the community of North Kohala by delivering meaningful work in the macadamia nut business. Above all, we value justice, generosity, stewardship and love.

About Our Organic Macadamia Farm

Island Harvest is a certified organic farm that grows macadamia nuts with care for the land—700+ acres in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. We seek to build healthy soils, develop vibrant root systems, and use the value of macadamias to benefit the Kohala community. When you try macadamias from Island Harvest, you’re getting a premium taste while supporting regenerative agriculture and the community where they are grown.

When You Purchase Organic Macadamia Nuts from Island Harvest, You Get


Every nut inside a bag of Island Harvest macadamias comes from our farm allowing for the best quality control possible and the true meaning of ‘Farm to Table’.

Sungrown & Rainfed

We grow macadamia nuts without the need for irrigation, resulting in a sustainably grown product known for its rich and buttery flavor.

100% Organic

We use organic farming methods with care for the land and no harmful pesticides, resulting in a 100% certified organic product.

Carbon Sequestration

The rich soil of our macadamia nut orchard as well as our ability to reuse the macadamia husks allow us to be carbon efficient.

Truly Local

At Island Harvest, we put our community first in how we practice agriculture. All of our macadamias are grown in Kohala by people from Kohala.

How Island Harvest Supports the Kohala Community

100% of profits from Island Harvest’s products will be reinvested into what matters to us most.

Regenerative Agriculture

50% of profits will go directly to enable us to spread more compost, plant more trees, and other activities to improve soil and tree health.

Programs & Organizations Supporting the People of Kohala

We also believe farming should benefit our community, so 25% of profits will go towards programs that support the small community of Kohala in partnership with the North Kohala Community Resource Center and other community organizations.

The Farmers of Island Harvest

Finally, we believe in giving back to the farm workers that make these products possible, so 25% of profits will be shared with Island Harvest employees.

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