About Us

Island Harvest is a certified organic farm growing macadamia nuts on over 700 acres in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. The rich Kohala soil and micro-climate provides ideal conditions to grow macadamias, without the need for irrigation, resulting in a sustainably grown product known for its rich and buttery flavor. Island Harvest has wholesaled in-shell macadamias to processors for nearly 30 years, but in 2021 the company launched its own line of organic macadamia products available to consumers!

At Island Harvest, we believe that farming should be done with a holistic approach that cares for the land, trees, employees, and community. We are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods that eliminate the use of potentially harmful chemicals and reduce the use of off-farm inputs. We seek to build healthy soils, develop vibrant root systems, and use the value of macadamias to benefit the Kohala community.

The mission of Island Harvest is to steward Kohala’s agricultural lands, promote the well-being of the community, and provide quality food through organic and natural farming of macadamia nuts.

Our vision is to see a macadamia nut business promote the well-being of the community of North Kohala.


  • Justice
  • Generosity
  • Stewardship
  • Love
Our Commitment

100% of profits from Island Harvest's products will be reinvested into what matters to us most. We believe in organic and regenerative farming methods, so 50% of profits directly enable us to spread more compost, plant more trees, and to do other activities that improve soil and tree health. We also believe farming should benefit our community, so 25% of profits go towards programs that support the small community of Kohala in partnership with the North Kohala Community Resource Center and other community organizations. Finally, we believe in giving back to the farm workers that make these products possible, so 25% of profits are shared with Island Harvest employees.


Most of the macadamia orchards Island Harvest manages were planted in the 1970’s and 80’s when sugarcane production became less feasible and plantations shut down throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Island Harvest was founded in 1991 to manage Kohala’s agricultural lands in the post-sugar era. Island Harvest has always been committed to sustainable farming methods and in 2015 began transitioning macadamia orchards to be eligible for organic certification. With sustainable methods and inputs, Island Harvest seeks to increase soil life, reduce erosion, and grow healthy trees to produce a healthy crop.